• Introduction

    The primary charter service offered by Selkirk Transit is the operation of the city’s public transit system, comprised of the local, fixed-fare regular transit service. Selkirk Transit also has authority to operate chartered bus services.
    The ability to deliver this form of service is dependent on the department having resource capacity (in the form of bus operators and/or buses) after satisfying the commitments made to operate the public transit system. As such, delivering charter services is not the Transit Departments primary business. It makes use of resources that would otherwise be idle.

  • Scope of Policy

    This policy is applicable to standard charters that are booked by individuals or groups for small to medium events that do not require unusual planning or supervision services.

    Charters for major events will be considered on an individual basis by the Transit Department.

  • Charter Service Arrangements

    Charters will be booked with the best fitted PSV insured buses available to ensure that the service provided is of the highest quality and reliability possible. Our vehicles are 22 and 18 passenger.

    Local charters are within the limits of the City of Selkirk.
    Standard charters are within 40km radius of the City of Selkirk and will include the City of Winnipeg or immediate surrounding area of the City of Selkirk.

    Long Charters are any charter that is further then 50 km, but within the boundaries of the Province of Manitoba.

  • Charter Terms and Conditions:

    1. Charter service bookings will be confirmed between 1 and 7 days in advance of the charter date.
    2. Chartering of any Selkirk Transit bus is subject to the availability of manpower and vehicles.
    3. Minimum charge is 2 hours.
    4. A minimum deposit of 25% of the quoted charter cost is required 7 days prior to the charter date. Remainder of payment is due at time of charter completion and/or due upon receipt of invoice.
    5. All charter passengers must be seated, no standees permitted.
    6. Selkirk Transit reserves the right to cancel any charter due to emergency conditions, and Transit shall not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of such a cancellation.
    7. A cancellation charge of 25% will apply to all charters cancelled later than 12:00 pm on the last business day prior to date of charter service.
    8. Extra mileage, delays or time ordered other than outlined on the Charter Order Quote will be charged for at regular rates based on the actual time recorded on the Bus Operator’s time slip.
    9. Selkirk Transit does not allow consumption of alcoholic beverages on its buses.
    10. Smoking is prohibited on all Selkirk Transit buses, including chartered sections.
    11. Any damage to or excessive uncleanliness of the vehicle, caused by the passengers, will be charged by Selkirk Transit to the charter client.
    12. No animals (except service dogs) are allowed on the charter buses.
    13. The bus operator will only wait 15 minutes beyond pick-up time for the group to board.
    14. Our Transit Operators have right to refuse service if at any time they feel they are in harm or any passenger are in harm or an abusive situation.