Following the Selkirk Transit Guidelines will make each bus ride easy and enjoyable for yourself and your fellow passengers.

Calling of stops:

Our drivers will call a stop that has been requested by a passenger. It is recommended that passengers requiring an announced stop sit as close to the front as possible.

Courtesy and wheelchair seats:

Please leave the front courtesy seats for people with special seating needs (including wheelchairs). Please let passengers who are elderly, disabled or have trouble standing sit on the six special seats at the front of the bus. Please move to the back of the bus to allow other passengers to board. We do not like to leave anyone standing at the stop.

Passenger courtesy:

Always show common courtesy and respect to your fellow passengers. Everyone on board is entitled to a comfortable and pleasant trip, so please don’t yell, play music loudly or use offensive language. You could be asked to leave the bus.

Getting off the bus:

Pull the stop request cord before the stop where you want to get off.

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